Friday, 29 May 2009

Recent Reports.

We were sorry to read that an RCR member has posted, on a blog, a report of a recent incident in which they felt that we had fallen short of the high standards we set for ourselves.

In the report the boat owners, who suffered a tiller problem in a lock, called us to ask for our assistance. Despite the fact that we don't cover the repair of damage blow the waterline we did do our best to try and assist the boater in question. Sadly their call came on a day, and in an area in which the normally resident engineer was off sick. As a result someone had to travel into the area resulting in a slower than normal service.

Suffice it so say that the boat owner in question did manage to have the problems sorted out and we are obviously unhappy that they felt that the service we offered fell short of our normally high standards. We've looked into what happened on that day and can assure all our customers that we will address any shortcomings should we find any. We'd also like to remind customers of the limits we have as a canal side rescue organisation - one reason why we are unable to address problems of this type in situ.

We have received an email from the boat owner and hope to be able to address their complaints directly. However, as a business which deals with something like 2000 callouts per year, on very rare occasions problems do occur. Sadly this was one such occasion.

Friday, 15 May 2009

If your stuck for ideas what to give this fathers day, and you have a keen boating dad in the family, why not give him a River Canal Rescue voucher?

It may sound unusual but whether the dad in question is keen on DIY, or if he’s none too interested but would like the reassurance of having someone to call upon should things go wrong when on the boat, there is an RCR voucher for you to give him.

By giving a course voucher the holder can redeem it against any of the wide range of courses on offer from RCR at various locations around the UK. From beginners courses to engine maintenance and even boat electrics, all of these essential areas of the boat are covered by the courses on offer. There is even a maintenance courses that can be carried out on your own boat. All of these can all be paid for with one of the RCR course vouchers.

If the lucky dad isn’t keen on attending a course, but would like the reassurance of knowing that should something go wrong he has the backup of a national breakdown and rescue service, membership vouchers are also available. RCR’s Gold membership voucher can be redeemed against the top level of membership for RCR members.

As if that wasn’t enough RCR are also offering an engine service voucher which does exactly what it says. It covers the cost of having an engine service carried out on your boat. So, regardless what type of cover or skills you want to gain, there should be an RCR voucher you can give this fathers day.

For full details about course dates, membership advantages and what’s included in an engine service, and how to purchase your RCR vouchers, visit or call 0871 2008021.