Thursday, 25 March 2010

We don't just rescue boats!

Ralph Kitts one of RCR's southern engineers was patrolling his local area in Watford and decided to pop down the towpath to check on a few of the local boaters and see how things were going. On arrival at the moorings at Coxley Common Moor on the GU he stopped to chat to some of the boaters and have a cup of tea. At some point during the conversation he heard a large splash, and thinking it was possibly a fish or bird, he popped his head round the boat and noticed a large red jacket floating in the canal on the opposite side.
He quickly realised that the jacket contained someone and that as they were unmoving were probably unconscious. The route around to the opposite side was a long trek and it would take too long to get around to the man in time..... So without hesitation he leapt in to the water and waded across to the body. Having reached the victim he managed to turn them around and in doing so realised that the elderly gentleman had a heavy rucksack on his back which was hampering the rescue. Luckily a number of workmen noticed him struggling and came over to lend a hand pulling the unconscious man out of the water and onto the towpath.
As the gentleman was revived an ambulance was called and the gentleman, who was approximate 70yrs old, was taken to Watford General hospital.
Ralph although very wet and cold headed back to his van to head home for a change of cloths and a warm drink. 

Well done Ralph!

From River Canal Rescue