Thursday, 23 December 2010

Innovation and Customer Service at the heart of RCR’s New Membership Cover.

Innovation and Customer Service at the heart of RCR’s New Membership Cover.
River Canal Rescue are proud to announce an innovative and new service as part of RCR membership. This new cover offers our members an amazing service, taking ‘peace of mind’ a step further and ensuring that no matter what happens we can assist you. Not only that but we can also remove the burden of unplanned costs.
The new, RCR Replacement Parts Cover is designed to complement the benefits members already receive under the RCR Breakdown membership. This is not, however, available as a standalone product. The new service will be included in all membership levels other than the retainer level.
Parts Replacement Cover – 
Now after you’ve broken down we can pick up the repair bill.
RCR Replacements Parts cover gives you additional peace of mind, knowing we could help protect you from surprise repair bills should your vessel breakdown. (Full details will be available in the T&C’s membership booklet.)
What the new RCR membership will cover: 
  • Following a breakdown, attended under your RCR Membership, the cost of parts, labour and VAT are covered if your vessel needs repairs due to mechanical or electrical breakdown. Cover limits and exclusions apply.*
  • Cover includes a huge range of pastedGraphic.pdfparts, for example :-
  1. Starter Motor
  2. Alternator replacements
  3. Water Pump
  4. Fuel Pump, Fuel Pipes & Fuel Hoses
  5. Gearbox & Drive Plate
  6. Propeller Shaft & Couplings
  7. Hydraulic Pipes
  8. Engine Mounts
  9. Mechanical Steering and Hydraulic Controls
  10. Injection Pump
Specifically EXCLUDED Parts
  • Oil Cooler
  • Propeller(s)
  • Stern Gland/Tube
  • Engine
  • Consumables such as cables, filters, rubber components and the like that require routine wear and tear replacement
  • Pays up to a maximum of £1,000 per repair**
  • You can make up to 4 claims per year 
  • no restrictions on age of the engine
*Excludes normal wear and tear. 
**£50 excess per claim.