Friday, 20 May 2011

A pipe may do something for a man, but nothing for a boat!

On the 13 May (Friday the 13th May!!) RCR engineer Pete Baker (our Midlands engineer) was called to Headwind, owned by Peter Daleman. Peter's boat had lost power and something was wrapped around the prop. The boat was on the Stratford canal and as a result of the engineers investigations it was found that approx 50 mtrs of rubber piping had got tangled around the prop.

It took Pete a number hours to remove it as there was no easy access via the weed hatch. As a result he had to climb under the boards to get access to weed hatch cover and, laying horizontally, reach into the weed hatch retrieve the rubber and feed it though the hatch, past himself and into the boat.

The boats owner had already managed to clear half of the pipe but the rest was down to Pete. The only question remaining is, how did it get there? Oh! and who's Pete's little helper?