Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Two new engineers join the RCR team.

Two new engineers have been recruited to the RCR field engineers team help meet the increasing demands for canal side assistance.

Steve Hill, has been a mechanical fitter and brings over 20yrs of experience to his role with RCR. His knowledge on petrol and diesel engines and his ability to use true engineering skills to deal with problems, rather than just 'fit new parts', makes him ideal for the job. His happy and cheerful outgoing personality has already made him one of the new favourites for members in Fens and Midlands which are his main areas.

Tom Walker has already completed a college course in mechanicals and has been using his skills in a number of related environments. He's shown an aptitude for the marine environment and has the right attitude when dealing with people. Tom was selected form a number of candidates as our new apprentice and although he will be going thought the same training and college courses during his apprenticeship, there will be an opportunity for him to complete early because of his past experience. To date he is already showing that he has the skills and attitude to make a first class RCR engineer.