Friday, 22 June 2012

FAST thinking by RCR engineer helps a stroke victim.

Dean Burroughs

RCR engineers are known for their skills in diagnosing problems with boats but RCR’s junior engineer Dean Burroughs can add medical skills to his CV. Dean was recently attending a call to the refit of an outboard to a boat on the Weaver near Northwich when he noticed the owner beginning to slur his speech. 
Both Dean and the owners wife noticed but didn’t initially pursue the matter but a short time later Dean noticed the tell-tail facial droop associated with a stroke. With the owner now beginning to loose his balance Dean recognised the key pointers of a stroke and alerted the owners wife and the emergency services. The ambulance call takers assessed triaged the case over the phone and remained in contact providing advice and guidance until help arrived. Paramedics arrived on scene and they confirmed the diagnosis and rushed the gentleman off to hospital. Dean and his assistant Aaron Bushnell secured the vessel before leaving site after the ambulance crews left the scene. 
There is every chance that early intervention and the quick actions of the engineers may well have averted a more serious outcome as early intervention is imperative in the treatment of strokes. RCR understands that the member is now recovering in hospital and all at the company wish him well.