Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Recent Incidents Prompt Warning

Water Pump Alert
River Canal Rescue is urging boat owners to check their water pumps and act upon any leaks, no matter how small, after responding to seven times more call-outs in May and June. 
The inland waterway assistance firm receives on average, three calls per month for broken water pumps, yet in the last two months it attended 21.  The first week in July has already seen six calls for assistance.
Managing Director, Stephanie Horton, comments: “In many cases it’s where people neglect to put right a small leak so it develops into something more serious or they fail to replace their impeller, which only has a one year warranty and should be changed every year.”
The symptoms of a broken pump, which is typically caused by a faulty impeller or seal, are; a water leak, the pump not working at all or the engine over-heating.  Stephanie continues: “It’s important to get leaks sorted as soon as possible, as the loss of water from the cooling system due to pump failure can result in engine damage if overheating is not picked up, and this can occur within 15 minutes in severe cases.”

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