Friday, 23 August 2013

Water leak detector from River Canal Rescue

In a bid to reduce the number of call-outs to boat owners suffering water leaks, River Canal Rescue is selling water leak detectors via its online chandlery at
River Canal Rescue attends, on average, one call-out a week* due to water leaks internally; these can be caused by  loose or sheered domestic water pipes, a hull breach, or failed shower pump. In addition water in the engine compartment due to a loose weed hatch, leaking stern gland or ineffective bilge pump can result in potential sinking or engine damage.
This compact alarm has a two metre sensor at its tip and is fitted with a watch battery, lasting for a year and sounding for many hours.  The detector RRP costs £15, with a £1.50 delivery charge.
RCR Managing Director, Stephanie Horton, comments: “What starts as a minor leak can soon turn into a major disaster with the floor, carpets, furnishings and electrical items all ruined.  Having witnessed first-hand, the shock and stress such an incident can cause, we are delighted to have sourced something that may prevent this.  
“Simply position the sensor in the bilge, by the weed hatch, under the shower - anywhere it may be difficult to detect a water leak - and hook up the alarm in a central area so you can easily hear it. This gadget offers a real warning of problems before they become critical.”

To find out more visit RCR’s website or phone 01785 785680.