Thursday, 26 September 2013

Changes to qualifying criteria for 2014 RCR Cruising Challenge trophy

Intrepid travellers keen to win the 2014 River Canal Rescue Cruising Challenge trophy (recognising the most enterprising non-continuous journey) can log journeys undertaken since the last Inland Waterway Association Festival rather than wait until the usual ‘beginning of year’ qualifying period.
RCR and the IWA have given entrants more time to log journeys to encourage greater exploration of the UK waterway system, particularly useful as participants receive additional points if they visit lesser-used waterways and reach distant end-of-navigations and inland tidal sections.
In a further change, anyone attending the Festival and submitting their log in person, with or without boat, is eligible to enter.  In the past, only those turning up with their craft could apply.
River Canal Rescue Managing Director, Stephanie Horton, comments: “In previous years the timescales have been limited, making the more inaccessible parts of the system difficult to visit.  By extending the qualifying period from one Festival to another we’re providing entrants with greater flexibility when it comes to route planning, plus we’re opening the competition up to a wider audience.”
The only restriction for the RCR Cruising Challenge Trophy is that no section of canal or river may be counted more than once in the same direction in the same calendar month.  Entrants are required to supply a full cruising log at the 2014 IWA Festival, showing miles and locks, which must be supported with evidence (photographic or otherwise) of reaching key destinations during the cruise.  Judges will consider the log presentation and the overall cruise content, rather than the longest journey.
The qualifying period for the other two RCR-sponsored trophies; the Robert Aickman Challenge (most enterprising journey) and AP Herbert (longest journey) remains around eight weeks before the summer Festival and boat travel to the event is required when submitting logs.  RCR will continue to give away a year’s free gold, silver and bronze memberships to the three trophy winners.
To find out more visit or contact Paul Chilvers, IWA Festival Awards Officer on 07774 164413.