Monday, 9 June 2014

Diesel Bug warning from River Canal Rescue

Breakdown and assistance firm, River Canal Rescue, reports an unprecedented number of call-outs across the country last week due to fuel contamination caused by water and diesel bug (an enzyme or bacteria that grows from water in the fuel).  Diesel bug is usually prevalent after winter or Easter, but it appears to be causing problems later in the year. 

Out of 83 call outs last week, nine were fuel related whereas the week before RCR attended 95 call-outs with no contamination issues. In a bid to combat the problem, RCR is offering a free 100ml bottle of Marine 16 fuel treatment to any boater who calls and requests a bottle on 01785 785680 during June. 

Managing Director Stephanie Horton, comments; "Many of the diesel bug problems appear to be after people have filled their vessel, so it could be a fuel supply issue.  We're keen to help people where we can which is why we're not putting a limit on the amount of Marine 16 we offer - it's free to boaters, usually retails at approx £5 and will treat a full fuel tank, the only cost is the cost of postage." 

Please note that if you are using another treatment we advise you to continue using this and not mix treatments.