Friday, 26 September 2014

Warm weather prompts record number of rescues

 The recent warm weather has prompted high numbers of boating enthusiasts to take to the water, resulting in a record-breaking season for rescues, reports River Canal Rescue.

During June and July the breakdown and assistance firm undertook an average of 140 rescues per week, 17% higher than its 2013 equivalent average of 122.  Weekly call-outs for these periods peaked at 190 this year and xxx last year. 

RCR Managing Director, Stephanie Horton, comments: “The heat wave certainly encouraged people to take to the water earlier in the season and in many cases, they and their boats have not been out for a while and appear to be over-looking the basic checks. 

“A small amount of preparation, such as; ensuring batteries are in a good condition, having a fuel service and checking the condition of cables could make the difference between making an unscheduled stop and carefree cruising.”

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