Wednesday, 24 June 2009

RCR and Waterways Mail Team Up.

Just recently the name 'Waterways Mail' has been heard more and more as the company have established a unique postal service aim specifically at the boating community. Waterways Mail allows subscribers to have their post sent on to any post office but now RCR can also be used as a collection point as well.

Mail is delivered to Waterways Mail and they will then send it on to wherever the customer wishes. The destination of the mail can reflect the boaters movements as one text or email can amend the destination to keep up with the boats movements.

Stephanie Horton, RCR's MD said, “Waterways Mail is an innovative service that compliments our wide ranging rescue and repair services. Both businesses exist to provide the boating community with many of the services landlubbers take for granted.”

River Canal Rescue are the first company to sign up to be a collection point for users, and anyone interested in making use of the mail service can also collect an application form from RCR's offices. RCR are also hoping to develop the relationship with waterways mail and offer the services of their engineers who are out on the waterway daily to deliver urgent mail directly to boaters, where the pick up destination might result in delays.

For more information visit the River Canal Rescue website at

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