Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A testimonial by a tested member!

In late May we received a call, or should we say 'calls' from a very unlucky member who, over the next few days, had a number of problems - all of which we were able to help out with. The following report is by Jean Jones which we hope you will find interesting.
My name is Jean Jones and I would like to submit the following testimonial:

We joined RCR hoping we would never have to call them, but better safe than sorry!

Two days into our holiday the fan belt broke, we called [RCR] and Stephanie sent Shaun to our rescue. It turned out to be caused by a seized alternator, after 'popping off' to get the new part it was quickly and efficiently installed.

Off we go again, next day the second belt snapped, this time the water pump had seized, again Stephanie sent Shaun and again he replaced the item quickly and efficiently.

We could not believe how friendly and efficient the whole organisation could be. Have the RAC/AA ever offered to bring you supplies when on a call out or to let your family know you have broken down?

Off we go again.

Botterham staircase lock...when my husband went to the upper lock to release the water, the fender caught on something and the boat was in danger of sinking. Trying to get free a six inch hole was ripped in the fuel tank and 30 gallons of fuel disappeared down the canal.

Other boaters helped us to pull the boat out of the lock and I again called Stephanie (by this time on first name terms) She told me not to worry. She organised everything, called the British Waterway team, the Environmental Health and sent Shaun to help us. Everyone was fantastic.

We thought our holiday was over, but Shaun would not let that happen. He climbed into the canal (up to his armpits) syphoned off the remaining 20 galls of fuel into jerry cans brought by BW, sealed the hole with a bed pillow in a black bag (you could say he went the extra
fathom to help us). After this he placed the jerrycan under our floor boards and rigged up the engine so we could drive the boat.

Stephanie organized Industrial Boats in Brewood to crane the boat out and weld a patch. (Not just a quick patch but a really professional job, they even 'blacked' the area)

On the last part of the journey to the boat yard the engine started surging, we thought 'oh no, not more trouble'. The boatyard fitter could not come for 24hours. We were worried by this time that we would not get back to our moorings in time to get to work. Stephanie said
'don't worry we will take you back by car if necessary'.

RCR to the rescue again Jay came out to replace the fuel feed diverted by Shaun, cleared all the filters and we sailed home with no more problems.

We can not praise RCR, Stephanie, Shaun and Jay enough.

Thank You, Thank you.

Jean Jones