Thursday, 24 January 2013

RCR’s Engineer of the Year Awards.

During River Canal Rescue’s recent AGM, held at their offices in Stafford during January, two awards were made. The awards for Engineer of the Year and Most call outs were made to J William Forman and Dean Burroughs, both of whom work in the midlands region with Dean being a junior engineer and J being a senior engineer.

J William Forman won the Engineer of the Year award, this award is very difficult to win in that it is not simply a case of getting the most jobs done, but is measured on a range of skills which take in to account the number of call-outs, number of inspections and services completed, the quality and accuracy of his documentation, management of stock and professional appearance and attitude, most importantly, the number of compliments received for his work. His award was made by last years winner Steve Hill who presented not only the trophy but also the RCR 1P number plate for his van and a gift voucher for Halfords.

The award for most breakdowns was made to Dean Burroughs and was presented by last years winner Aaron Forman. Dean attended some 269 call-outs over the last year. He won both a trophy and a Halfords voucher but only just! He was closely followed by three other engineers but managed to win by just six call-outs.

Stephanie Horton, RCR’s MD said that, “this award is a true reflection of the dedication of our engineers and the company to providing an excellent service for all our customers and the emphasis we place on the full package not just simply engineering skills.” She added, “There is quite a lot of friendly competition between the engineers to win these titles, Dean has had a difficult year in 2011, and has really pulled though to show that he can perform and deserved the recognition that the award brings. Jay has worked his way though as an apprentice to Senior engineer and the Engineer of the Year is a true representation of the emphasis that we place on our engineers developing and maintaining their skills, in both customer service and engineering knowledge as is a testament to his work in the field.”

Steve Hill presenting (L) to J Forman (R) 
Aaron Forman (R) to Dean Burroughs (L)