Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Breakdown Guide from Towergate Insurance and River Canal Rescue

Canal boat insurance provider, Towergate Insurance, has joined forces with breakdown and recovery specialist, River Canal Rescue, to produce a Guide listing the five most common causes of emergency call-outs and how to avoid them.

During 2012, River Canal Rescue responded to 3,100 call-outs and in 2011, 3,400.  Although slightly fewer, it still equates to 60 call-outs a week.  
Last year, the top five call-outs were; batteries and electrical malfunctions 21%, fuel issues and contamination 18%, breaking cables 9%, over-heating/cooling system breakdown 8% and alternator issues 6%.    These were closely followed by; gearbox/drive plate failures 5%, fan belts 5%, starters 4%, propellers 3% and couplings/sheared bolts 3%*.
The Guide offers breakdown advice, general preventative maintenance and tool box contents tips, discusses how to solve problems before calling out a third-party and gives a word of warning about bio-diesel.
Towergate Insurance (marine) Managing Director, Nigel Mills, comments: “We hope canal boat owners find this Guide a useful reference tool which will reduce the need for a call-out.”
River Canal Rescue Managing Director, Stephanie Horton agrees: “Many call-outs can be avoided by regular servicing/maintenance and learning about your engine.  This Guide encourages owners to develop routines that will minimise unnecessary costs and avoid a holiday or break being spoilt by an ill-timed breakdown."
Available online at (click on info zone and boat) and (click on tips and advice). 
Canal boat owners taking out a Fresh-Waters policy with Towergate Insurance can purchase River Canal Rescue support at a discounted rate or opt for a higher level of policy cover and receive it automatically.
For further breakdown information visit either of the websites and for insurance advice call 0800 515629 or 01743 284664.