Friday, 30 May 2014

River Canal Rescue launches Incident Care

In response to the increasing number of insurance related call-outs it is receiving, River Canal Rescue has launched a new Incident Care Service which helps boat owners manage their claims and recover costs* following an emergency.
The Service is run by RCR’s Canal Contracting team who take control of the insurance claim.   They get the boat out of danger and to a location where it can be worked on, identify the nearest facilities, provide a diagnostic engineer, arrange estimates for repairs, liaise with insurers and contractors, source and deliver claims forms and explain ‘next steps’ and how the claim will progress.
In 2013, the breakdown and emergency assistance firm was asked to help progress claims and liaise with insurers in 73%** of insurance call-outs, prompting RCR Managing Director, Stephanie Horton, to create the Service.  Since January this year, 86%** of insurance call-outs have been handled by the Incident Care team.
Stephanie comments: “Whilst insurers, in the main, are very good at progressing claims quickly, there’s still a fair bit of legwork often needed to get the claim to the stage where it can move ahead.  Getting the boat to safety and sourcing insurance information and repairers/contractors can be tiresome for people, particularly at what can be an emotional and stressful time, so we do it for them.
“By taking control of the situation we not only calm frayed nerves but reduce damage costs and speed up claims’ resolution, which claimants and insurers both appreciate.”
The service costs £50 which is usually added to the claim, however Stephanie reminds that call centre staff  are always available to advise free of charge, what to do next if there’s been an accident or the vessel is in danger, sunk, vandalised or had a fire, and offer assistance in getting back on track.
Call 01785 248793 out of hours or 01785 785685 to go direct though to the canal contracting team during office hours - lines are open 24/7, 365 days a year.  To find out more about River Canal Rescue visit
Notes to Editors
*Subject to policy terms and conditions.
**Based on 117 insurance-related call-outs received from Jan 2013 to Dec 2013, 85 call-outs used ‘Incident Care’, 32 did not.  85 as a % of 117 = 72.6%.    Jan – April 2014 51 insurance-related call-outs, 44 used ‘Incident Care’, 7 did not.   44 as a % of 51 = 86.2%.
Case Studies
Owner of a new 60ft wide beam 'Skylark' got caught in a lock on the Leeds and Liverpool canal and damaged rudder and skeg.  Required lift out for towing and repair – there were no dry docks available within a 30mil radius and a crane was arranged at a boat yard 10 miles away. 
Owner of 57ft narrow boat hit something underwater on the Bridgewater Canal and damaged the prop and stern tube, urgently requiring dry docking. 
Owner with a 30ft cruiser on the Bridgewater Canal – suffered problems with outdrive and required dry docking for repairs. 
Owner of a 35ft cruiser on the river Wey, smashed window, heavy rain caused boat to nearly sink. Engineer on site next day, boarded window and pumped vessel out.
Owner of 45ft narrow boat stuck in reeds near weir on the River Avon, rudder snapped off, rescued from location, arranged temporary rudder and recovered vessel to local boat yard.
Owner of a 40ft narrow boat on the Trent & Mersey canal reported boat sinking, arranged rescue team to attend and pump out boat and first aid – minimal damage

Owner of 60ft Narrow boat on River Nene, blown into the reeds and then grounded when trying to turn.  Rescue team on hand within 8 hrs, boat recovered, safely refloated and cruised to safe location.