Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Unreserved Apology to Mrs Pollard

Recently RCR was asked to provide photos for a television series which illustrated the dangers boaters faced in locks.  Due to a confusion over programme deadlines, we failed to consult with the owners and gain approval for their use prior to them being broadcast.  This lead to photos of Miss Pollard's vessel being shown without her permission.  We are very committed to our customers and are concerned when our actions impact upon them.   River Canal Rescue would therefore like to apologise to Miss Pollard for any distress the broadcast of her photo caused her and to redress the situation we have agreed to make a donation to the RNLI at her request.

In line with our policy to never allow the use of photos by third parties without the owners' prior consent, we would like to reassure other members that we will ensure their agreement is sought prior to any other images being used for publicity by third parties. As we failed in the instance, this is the reason for a public apology.