Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Harral Brokerage Services and River Canal Rescue - a major new collaboration

As a result of a major new collaboration, Harral Brokerage Service and River Canal Rescue are now working together with the aim to provide safe and comfortable cruising.

These two major names in the boating world have gone into partnership to ensure that the top quality boats, sold at Harral brokerages, are covered by RCR Bronze memberships. As a result this will ensure boaters, who make a purchase from Harral Brokerages, not only receive a high quality boat to sail away, but also have peace of mind should anything unexpected occur. In addition people who choose to sell their boat with Harral Brokerages will not only receive a professional, friendly service, but also an extra selling point for their vessel.

With RCR membership, gone will be the days when things like a fouled propeller will stop you in your tracks. Instead of waiting around trying to find someone who can help, then having to pay call out fees, hourly rates and travel time, you will make one free phone call. All arrangements will be made for you and there will be no call out charges, hourly or travel rates. River Canal Rescue’s aim is to be at all breakdowns within three hours. In 96% of cases they are able to get you moving within two hours. If a problem turns out to be terminal they are able to organise for a registered contractor to take on the work. In the event of the vessel needing to be recovered they will arrange for you to be towed to the nearest safe haven within two hours.

With a beautiful boat from Harral Brokerage Services, the gorgeous scenery of our British waterways and the peace of mind knowing you and your boat are in good hands, how can you go wrong?

For more information please contact Lauren McCabe, Marketing Coordinator on 0871 200 8021 or email lauren@rivercanalrescue.co.uk