Wednesday, 25 March 2009

RCR on a mission!

River Canal Rescue, the organisation which provides National Breakdown and Recovery for boat owners on the UK inland waterways, today revealed that it has embarked on a mission. Their aim is to increase the boating communities awareness of water safety and boating maintenance issues on the UK waterways.

A recent Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) review, which looked at incidents and issues faced by organisations like the RYA and the RLNI, revealed that the general lack of awareness about water safety needed to be addressed urgently. The RNLI also reported that the number of preventable incidents, where poor maintenance and mechanical breakdown resulted in a 'rescue' situation, were increasing, thus putting added strain on an important emergency resource.

Through their network of engineers RCR will be launching a program of practical demonstrations and presentations to highlight some of these important issues. All across the UK their engineers will give presentations on lifesaving safety information, essential boat maintenance tips and provide guidance on the best tools to carry aboard. This network of engineers has also been expanded with the addition of a number of new young faces to the team. Being aware of the lack of training opportunities for youngsters to obtain qualifications in the marine industry, RCR embarked on a training program which includes two years at college and four with a senior engineer, proving it’s not just Sir Alan Sugar who’s looking for an apprentice!

The information provided to course attendees is also available in note format and a special feature will be available each month on the RCR web site. Stephanie Horton, managing Director of RCR said recently "Ignorance is no excuse, lives are being put at risk and RCR is doing everything in its power to increase awareness and ease the pressure on such an essential emergency service".

To book a talk, receive a free information booklet or find out more please contact RCR head office on 0870 2078021.